Why I don't have 'fitness goals'

Discovering Barre 4 years ago took me from being a constant clock-watcher HIIT participant to a total Barre-addict. I couldn't get enough of it. I had a relationship with exercise that I never even thought possible. From feeling like it was a chore and a sacrifice of time to feeling inspired and energised after each session.

Having this new focus reframed how I felt about movement and I started to exercise for how it made me feel each time and not for any other weight-related reason. My relationship with fitness became totally about the journey and not the end goal. I focused on how it made me feel and over time, consistency felt easier than ever. For the first time ever I looked forward to working out and it never felt like a chore.

My ‘transformation’ as a result of my Barre practice was as much mental as it was physical. I was stronger and more confident in my body than I had ever been before but I had also started to understand what it felt like to be empowered by movement.

Why I don't have 'fitness goals'

The goal for me is purely consistency. I love to move every week because of how it makes me feel - I finish a session feeling energised and inspired, having laughed my way through some tough Barre sequences alongside the fabulous women that make up this community. I don’t move because I want to fit into a specific dress or hit a certain weight on the scales. Instead of saying to myself everyday “you’re not good enough, you haven’t hit that weight level yet” I get to say to myself “I’m proud of you for choosing to do something today that made you feel good.” The irony is that all your weight and performance-related goals lie just the other side of consistency anyway.

I’m in this for the long haul and taking the pressure off by removing specific goals makes consistency feel so much easier. I've never felt this more than right now being 5 months pregnant. It's the least control I've ever had over my body physically and I get the MOST I've ever got from movement mentally. That makes me want to move every single day in a way that feels so good to support me through this time.

I firmly believe that to have a great relationship with fitness you don't have to have elaborate performance or weight related goals. Your motivation can literally be to move as often as you can because you love how it makes you feel every time. That's exactly why The Barre Coach Method is all about not taking ourselves too seriously and just enjoying movement for what it brings us, both mentally and physically.

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