4 ways The Barre Coach Membership will keep you motivated over the Christmas period

Updated: Jan 11

Christmas is a time for celebration, family and friends and an excessive amount of whatever tickles your Christmas pickle. It’s absolutely okay (and sometimes very necessary!) to put the brakes on your normal routine and slow it right down at this time of year. There are endless lists of things to get sorted, presents to buy, kids to entertain, Zoom Christmas parties to attend and if you’re still trying to shoe-horn your normal workout schedule into that then there’s every chance you are feeling a little overwhelmed right now!

Here are 4 ways The Barre Coach online Barre fitness studio can help you find a bit of a balance over the Christmas period!

24 hour access to a full and varied Barre programme without leaving the house!

This year you have not only adapted but embraced the home workouts. There’s no travelling, no struggling to park, no fighting to book into classes, no worries about social distancing in the changing rooms…it’s just you, still in your PJ’s if your heart desires! We’re talking approximately 3 minutes from bed to workout here.

The Barre Coach membership gives you 24 hour access to over 200 workouts on demand as well as a variety of live workouts every week! Each class is totally unique and it’s this level of variety that has kept many of you addicted for months! Naturally we’re all a bit more snoozy and sluggish over the Christmas period so we’ve got Barre classes for all ages and abilities, a variety of Barre challenges, cosy stretches and heart-pumping HIIT sessions to see you through the next few weeks. If you can, try and schedule in some live classes over the Christmas period, it’ll help you stay more accountable to make time for some movement (be it gentle or intense!) and the team spirit of a live class is second to none!

Minimal equipment needed

One of the great things about Barre is that you can get involved in all of the classes with next to no equipment. Some of the classes can be really challenging and your body weight alone will give you a great workout! If you’re looking to up the ante but don’t have the right bits and pieces at home then it’s time to get creative in the kitchen cupboards! A couple of bottles of mulled wine will work perfectly instead of hand weights and cutting the lid of Celebration box in half will give you a great pair of sliders!

Team spirit and a little challenge to keep you motivated over Christmas

Our lockdown challenge showed us just how motivated we can be when we come together with a common goal. You showed up to the live classes with a whole heap of determination and absolutely sailed through it! Starting from 21st December there will be another challenge to encourage you to schedule in some time to stay moving over the 2 weeks of Christmas and New Year. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the next few days!

Get the family involved

I absolutely love seeing your little ones get involved in the live classes! Now that we’re allowed a little bit of time with our Christmas baubles (bubbles), why not make the most of it by bonding over some thigh shaking leg work, have a moment of calmness with a gentle stretch or grab your woolly hats and get outside for a frosty walk altogether.

I’ll be here to get you through the festive period and can’t wait to continue seeing you at the Barre!

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