Why it's so hard to stay consistent on holiday

Going on your holibobs is a time to reset and relax. An opportunity to slow down, unwind and take some much needed time for yourself.

If you're thinking you ‘should’ keep your exercise routine going while you’re away then I can totally see why you might not feel motivated to do it.

If instead, you think about how movement makes you feel; happier, calmer, stronger, more confident, then it’s a no brainer to start your days with a little injection of that.

As always, the secret to consistency is all about your motivation to move and if we can make sure that’s always focused on how it makes you feel then you are far more likely to want to make it fit into your life more regularly.

Having said that, I totally understand there are some barriers to exercising on holiday! From limited packing space for equipment to having to entertain the little ones, you might already feel the odds are stacked against you to fit a workout in.

Here’s how we can change that;

  1. Plan your sessions before you go. Set yourself a realistic goal for how many sessions you’d like to fit in while you’re away. Make it realistic and don’t challenge yourself to try and do a session everyday.

  2. Keep the workouts short. A 20-30 minute session is the perfect length of time to get a good workout in without feeling like you have to sacrifice lots of precious holiday time. Here's a link to explore workouts that are less than 30 minutes long.

  3. Choose travel friendly / minimal equipment workouts. If your case is already full to the brim then prioritise body weight only classes. If you can squeeze in a couple of light pieces of equipment then your resistance band and a Pilates ball are your holiday BFFs. Here's a link to your travel friendly, minimal equipment classes.

  4. Download your workouts before you go. Don’t rely on the hotel Wi-Fi pulling through & take 10 minutes to download your planned workouts before you leave home. You’ll be able to take them anywhere, from the hotel balcony to the beach and not have to rely on an internet connection.

  5. Choose your sessions to suit your mood. If you’ve been feeling tired and stressed then use your holiday sessions as a chance to slow things down, focusing on gentle movement with lots of breathwork rather than filling your time off with intense cardio sessions. Tailor your workout plans to help you feel the best you can feel by the end of the week. Here's a link to our restorative and relaxing stretch classes.

Use your holidays as a time to make movement work for you in the best way possible. Use it to fill up your cup and help you to continue you to feel the happiest, healthiest, strongest version of you.

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