How to keep seeing results from your Barre workouts

Updated: Jan 18

When you picked up the light hand weights for your first Barre class you almost definitely underestimated just how heavy 1.5kg could feel! Halfway through the arms section, they start to feel closer to 10kg and your arms begin to quiver! We’ve been working hard for many weeks now, building strength, improving mobility, range of movement and most of all, grit and determination to stay strong for those final reps. If you haven’t considered upping your weights yet then now might be the time to have a think about it!

Although the classes are hugely varied, you won’t be challenging (and changing) your body unless your weights are heavy enough. Increasing the amount of weight you’re using is one of the simplest ways to continue challenging your muscles, which is essential if you want to keep improving and seeing results!

Unsure if you’re ready to increase your weights? Have a little read below and then see how you feel!

How is your form?

We talk about form/posture/alignment throughout the class and it underpins every movement. If you can, try and do a class in front of a mirror or look at yourself in the camera on the Zoom classes. Every time an alignment related cue is mentioned, check-in and make sure your body is in the right position. It makes such a difference being able to see yourself do the exercises so this is a great starting point!

An easy way to tell if your technique isn’t quite right is to pay attention to any aches, pains or mobility issues. If you feel your knee tweak every time you squat then there’s a chance your knees and ankles are misaligned. If your form isn’t right and you increase your weight then you’re likely to turn a misalignment into an injury and that’s something we definitely want to avoid!

Are you flying through each set and barely breaking a sweat?

If you’re finding every sequence manageable right to the last rep without compromising your form then it’s time to up those weights! We're talking an increase of no more than 0.5kg and even that small additional weight will feel significantly harder! There’s no need to jump straight in and think you have to complete a whole class with heavier weights. Start off by using the heavier weights for leg work and gradually building them into the arms sequences. Even if you start with just a couple of sets on the heavier weights and then drop back to your original weights, you’ll find you can do that little bit more each time!

Alongside increasing your weights, a consistent and varied workout programme including rest days is key to continuing to see results from your hard work. Carving out some time to stretch is also really important for maintaining muscle health, strength and flexibility so don’t skip out on it!

The Barre Coach on-demand video library is packed full of hugely varied classes, from 30 minutes Barre-inspired HIIT sessions, to 60 minute Barre & Stretch combos. There’s something for everyone with fresh challenges in each class!

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