Get strong alongside our girl gang

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are supportive of your goals can be a total game changer when it comes to achieving a consistent movement routine.

I’m all about helping you reduce the barriers to exercise as much as possible so consistency feels easier than ever and a big part of that is about finding the joy in movement. For me, so much of that joy comes from working out alongside a group of gals whose motivation to exercise totally resonates with me.

The Barre Coach community is made up of members who love shaking their way through a tough Barre sequence as much as they love a Friday night pizza. It’s full of women who have a great balance between enjoying exercise and enjoying life.

Finding your fitness community will have you sticking with a routine longer than you ever have before. You’ll see past any fitness goals you might have and feel a sense of belonging. This isn’t anything like team sports you had to join while you were growing up. There’s no competitiveness and no scary coach. It’s all about cheering each other on and getting everyone to the finish line together.

Here are some reasons why finding your girl gang will have you enjoying movement and staying more consistent than ever before;

1. A sense of belonging will help you create a really sustainable routine

If you’re actually enjoying your workouts then you’ll definitely be coming back for more. Not only will a consistent movement routine help you feel stronger, happier, calmer and more confident but regularly spending time with like-minded women who cheer each other on is such a positive and uplifting experience. The more you enjoy the way you workout, the more likely you are to stick with it.

2. You’ll have more fun!!

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore but if you’re putting yourself through a horrendous boot camp session with a bunch of people you could never imagine having a wine with then it absolutely will. I always want you to prioritise movement you actually enjoy and doing that alongside a community of women will make you look forward to working out SO much more. There’s nothing like a never-ending parallel thigh sequence to bring everyone together (and you can bet there are at least 5 other people swearing at their screens as well during the live Zoom workouts!)

3. Support when you fall off the wagon

Being a part of a community is the number thing that will see you through those motivation dips. When you’re riding high on endorphins you’ll be the one encouraging others to join the classes and when you need a little extra support, there will be someone right there who can nudge you in the right direction to move your body.

4. You’ll make lots of lovely new friends!

If you join a group of like-minded women who’s approach to fitness resonates with you, you can bet there are all sorts of other things you’ll have in common. I’ve seen friendships built, coffee dates had and dinners scheduled between some of our members who had never met before. Our Barre & Brunch and retreat events have been a testament to just how wonderful this community is. We brought people together who had never met before and they got on like a house on fire. Bonding over daily Barre sessions and nutritious brekkies as much as they did an evening wine in the hot tub.

I’m SO proud of the community we’ve built together at The Barre Coach. I know that so many of you have never enjoyed working out more and that’s what keeps you coming back for more.

If this sounds like the kind of fitness community you need to help you find the joy in movement then join us free for 7 days here.

If you'd like to join us for our next in person get together then you're in luck! Our next Barre & Brunch in collaboration with Sweaty Betty is on Saturday 17th September in Wimbledon Village. You can find out all the details and grab your spot here.

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