Keeping hold of your motivation mojo

Updated: Feb 1

Routines have been thrown out of the window over the last few months; one day you’re living your best pre-pandemic life, the next you’re spending each and every day indoors, cut off from loved ones. Now we’re somewhere in between the two; trying to establish a new socially-distanced routine, making the most of being able to see friends and family but also trying to stick with all those good habits we started during the lockdown. It’s a shifting paradigm but don’t let it knock your workout mojo!

Now many of us working from home, it feels like it should be easier to keep ourselves motivated to exercise but is anyone else getting the onset of WFH fatigue? Here are 6 ways you can give yourself a little motivation boost to stay on track with your fitness;

Know why you're doing it

I can almost guarantee that you’ve never regretted completing a workout so focus less on the daunting task of getting stuck in and more on how fabulous you know you’ll feel after it. Go as far as to write down a few words to describe how you feel after you finish a workout. If you ever need some convincing to get away from your desk and get yourself moving, have a read through these notes and you’ll soon be hopping into your leggings (that’s assuming they weren’t already your WFH attire!). Say it with me now…IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT.

Get organised

Plan your workouts for the week and try and make sure you get some face time (either on Zoom or IRL). Make yourself accountable to show up to a group session of sorts at least once a week. Not only do you get the much needed human interaction but you’ll find it also gives you more motivation to stick with your planned routine for the rest of the week.

Start your day right

Try and avoid the dreaded alarm snooze in the mornings. If you can, hop out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. Start off with a gentle stretch or a couple of minutes of meditation. I’ve been loving getting up and out of the house to go for a quick morning walk with Poppy recently. The roads are quiet, most people are still sleeping and the world feels very peaceful - it’s a ‘good for the soul’ 20 minutes that sets you up to have a good day! If you've got the time to spare then the best part of squeezing a workout in first thing from home, is that you can do it whilst finishing a cuppa!

Quality over quantity

If you can dedicate just 20-30 minutes (that’s only 2% of your day!) to productive and effective exercise then that is going to be far more beneficial than feeling you have to carve out 60 minutes for a workout you’re not remotely interested in. Start with finding something you genuinely enjoy doing and then set yourself achievable goals for how long you’ll spend exercising during the week. Unrealistic goals are SO demotivating so give yourself a fighting chance! With my online fitness programme, you can access full classes, ranging between 45 and 60 minutes, or dip into the Barre Bites which are shorter workouts if you’re tight on time!

Find your feel-good music

Pick a song you LOVE. Use it either as your warm-up song or the first song you play when you go for a run. It needs to be something with a great beat and literally gives you a boost as soon as it comes on. Here are some playlists I’ve created for our Barre classes - a mix of 70s, 80s, 90s, and noughties songs to get you moving!

Track your progress

This could be short term or long term progress! Note down where you started and where you want to end up. I’ve started tracking my daily progress with a fitness tracker watch and it’s so much more motivating than I expected! It gives me little peeps to get up and get moving each day - be it for a walk or a Barre class or just to stand up! It also peeps to remind you to take a time out to focus on some mindful breathing for 1 minute at a time which I’m loving!

And if all else fails, buy yourself a new pair of leggings from Sweaty Betty. Feeling fab in your workout gear means you’re likely to wear it much more often!

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