Celebrating the changing narrative of Barre fitness

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

A year on from one of the biggest shake-ups the fitness industry has seen, Barre workouts are more popular than ever! According to Class Pass, the number of users tuning in to online Barre classes has tripled since October 2020.

Women's Health wrote a great piece in a recent issue and it's one of the first ones I've seen where the focus is on celebrating the functional benefits of Barre fitness. Barre has previously been hailed as a form of fitness that helps you gain a ballerina's body which made it pretty intimidating to beginners and anyone who didn’t have a dance background. The messaging is starting to shift and the focus on ‘toning and honing’ generally seems to be being replaced by a focus on building strength and endurance, improving mind and body connection and I am all for it! There are SO many benefits to Barre on both your physical and mental health that are so much more important than the aesthetic effects and it’s amazing to see these being pulled to the forefront of the narrative around Barre fitness. I’m hopeful this will continue to make it less of an intimidating form of movement to try!

Founded by Lotte Berk, the whole concept of Barre was very much centred around injury rehabilitation and it’s this that helps you build a strong, functional and mobile body and is what makes it such a sustainable form of fitness across all age groups. Essentially this means that not only should you be feeling stronger but also less achy in your back, knees and hips and find you can move better through daily tasks. With each session totally different to the last and challenges not only focused on building strength but also on improving balance and stability as well as mind and body connection, these classes are such a great way of bulletproofing your body.

The way I teach Barre has always been about encouraging you all to listen to your bodies and adapt movements with modifications given throughout each session to make sure you’re working out in the most effective way for you. The amount we focus on alignment and form gives you such a great understanding of what the movement should look and feel like as well as knowing which muscle groups should be leading each of the movements. This is so key for building strength in the right areas and making sure we develop proper movement patterns to either prevent or rehab injuries.

With the introduction of our complimentary 30-minute private classes, I hope you feel more supported than ever to understand and work on techniques to make sure you get the most out of your Barre sessions. It can be the smallest of alignment tweaks that helps some of the movements really start to click into place and that’s where having this personalised instruction is so helpful. Members can book their private sessions here.

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