5 ways Barre can change your body

Updated: Mar 16

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or brand new to exercise, there’s a place for you at the Barre. Here’s why...

Strength & Muscle Tone

A barre class is a full-body workout. Not only will you work each muscle group throughout the class, but you’ll target each one from ALL angles, leaving no muscle untouched. For example, we might work through three thigh exercises, working to the point of fatigue across the front, inner and outer thighs, strengthening the muscles from joint to joint. With a strong emphasis on technique and engaging your slower muscle twitch fibres, Barre will help you build strength, muscle tone, endurance and stamina.


Carrying tension and tightness through your muscles and tendons can lead to poor posture, a weaker core, and unwanted pressure on certain areas of your spine. Stretching out the key muscle groups is an important part of every class, taking the time to properly warm-up and cool down. After just a few sessions you’ll notice you have a greater range of motion available to you in each position, helping to relieve tension and tightness, and reducing your risk of injury.


Fundamental to correct posture and alignment is really understanding how to engage your core (which is made up of many more muscles than you might think), to help you feel stable, strong and in control in each position. You’ll hear me explain and guide you through each position thoroughly to ensure you’re always in the correct position before we bring any movement into the body. Take a peek at some of our fundamental Barre postures to understand how we engage through the core with the Barre Basics.

Mind & Body Connection

During a Barre class, there's a lot going on so your mind won't be anywhere but in the room! You're focused on the position you’re in, making sure your alignment is correct, whilst trying to keep breathing through the ‘Barre burn’ as you fatigue one muscle group after another! A barre workout is great because not only do you get all the benefits of a thorough and safe, full-body workout, but you also start to slow down, de-stress, promote rest and aid digestion in your body - win, win!

Stay Consistently Motivated

The choreography in my classes is different for every single session. You will find you work your muscles in new ways that keep you feeling challenged and motivated. It’s a highly effective method of training, increasing your strength and muscle tone and giving you the results you're looking for.

You’ll leave a Barre class feeling like you’ve worked muscles you didn’t even know you had, in a safe and controlled way. Resulting in building strength, endurance and stamina, keeping you motivated and focused on your fitness goals - whatever that might be!

If you're new to Barre and looking to find out some more information contact me at gen@thebarrecoach.com where I will be happy to help!

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