Barre for Injury Rehabilitation

Updated: Feb 8

Benefits of Barre fitness include; improving posture, balance and stability alongside building strength and flexibility, resulting in a body that moves easily and efficiently through day to day life. If you’ve never suffered from an injury that required physiotherapy and rehabilitation then you’d be forgiven for overlooking these benefits and focusing on the peachy bum you’ve built at the Barre instead! On the other hand, if you have suffered from an injury that impacted your ability to move easily throughout your day, then the benefits of Barre fitness could be just the medicine you’ve been looking for.

The journey through recovery, physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation is different for everyone but there’s no doubt that the end goal is often the same; getting back to feeling independent and self-sufficient through ease of movement on a daily basis. It’s a great destination to aim for, but let’s make sure we enjoy the journey on the way by finding a form of rehabilitative fitness that we can enjoy and stay consistent with. Enter…Barre

Here are 5 reasons why Barre is uniquely placed to help you on this journey;

Strong to the core

Let’s take a second to think about our bodies. Your central line (spine) is surrounded by muscles that stabilise you right from the centre, every second of every day. THAT is why they are such a key focus for us in class. Finding your ‘neutral spine' position is the way we ensure that your stabilising muscles are as switched on and as strong as they can be from the second you start the class to the very end. You might think you only spend a quarter of the class working on your core, but the reality is you spend 100% of the class on it. Next up, the muscles we use to move. Now we’re moving load away from the spine and into our limbs. It starts with the spine so buckle up and engage your core before you start to move, keeping your body in a safe and strong position, ensuring maximum efficiency in the movement. It’s this aspect of Barre that is really crucial to unlocking all those benefits like improved posture, balance and stability.

Strengthening and lengthening muscles

Let’s now focus on HOW we work our muscles in class. First of all, whenever we get started on a sequence we more often than not start with our full range of movement. We’re strengthening and lengthening whilst improving our range of movement, all at the same time! Let’s look at a tricep extension. When we’re contracting the tricep we’re elongating the bicep, when we’re contracting the bicep, we’re elongating the tricep.

 Discover more about the benefits of finding a balance between strengthening & lengthening muscles in this way.

Keeping things balanced and symmetrical

Working through our full range of movement is great at reducing any imbalances in the body. This is something we should look out for and work on! Next time you do a class, see if you can do it in front of a reflective surface to make sure there is symmetry in your movements. If you spot a reduced range of movement on one side, you know you need to work a little harder on that side to ensure your movements are balanced. 

Variety in how we move

All the Barre regulars will know that after your full range of movement sequence comes to your pulses/squeezes/holds, etc which are done while the muscle is generally at its full range of movement. This is a combo of isometric and isotonic contractions that work to build strong muscles and improve bone density, whilst being gentle on your joints - perfect for those recovering from injuries!

Keeping your brain engaged

Posture and alignment is something you’ll hear me guide you on constantly throughout the class. Making sure your body is in the correct position before you start the movement is the most important thing. Combining this focus whilst following along with each of the sequences is amazing for your brain to muscle connection and helps to improve efficient and symmetrical movement patterns. 

Barre can help you recover from an injury and maintain your fitness levels in a safe, low impact way that strengthens and helps prevent further injury. Having recently completed my Barre for Injury Rehabilitation training, I am more determined than ever to help get you back to moving efficiently and easily through day-to-day life & enjoying the journey that will take you there.

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