4 ways to fit your workouts around your back-to-work schedule

Updated: Jan 26

So last time we chatted about ways you can keep hold of your motivation mojo, since then it’s back to work, back to school and routines are a-changing! This time I’m sharing a few ways that you can shoehorn some workout time into your increasingly busy schedule!

1. Make physical activity a part of your working day

You might not always be able to carve out some time for a full workout, but you can try and make each day as active as you are able to. If you’re lucky enough to live close to work, turn your commute into exercise! While the weather is still warm, this is the perfect time to start trialling walking or cycling to work - you get some activity in, save on travel and it’s more environmentally friendly - win, win, win!

2. Working out first thing in the morning

If you’re not a morning person then exercising first thing might not float your boat but it could be just the way to make sure you get your workout in. If you leave it until the end of the day there are a million and one different reasons to avoid it! Getting it done first thing will give you a sense of accomplishment and a huge mood booster before you’ve even stepped into the office - a recipe for a productive day! If mornings are a no go for you, then try a lunch-time instead. This might work really well for you while you’re working from home and can squeeze a post workout shower in, potentially slightly trickier in the office!

3. Workout ANYWHERE on demand

You don’t have to take yourself to the gym for a specific class to get your exercise in. There are so many options available where you can workout anywhere, anytime and from any device. The Barre Coach online Barre fitness programme hosts over 120 workouts in the On Demand video library. You’ve got choices of class lengths, class formats, taking you from 3 minute glute sequences, or 10 minute stretch routines, right the way through to full 60 minute Barre classes. There’s something for everyone - no matter how much time you have or don’t have!

4. Bring Barre to your office!

Not only is Barre great for strength and flexibility but it's also great for improving posture and unravelling all the wrongdoings of sitting at our desks for prolonged periods of time.

With the launch of the corporate group classes, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to spend time with your team outside of your normal working day! The classes are scheduled around the best times that work for you and your team. They are private group classes so it'll just be you and me and we can go for whichever class format suits you best. With all classes available online, there couldn't be a more flexible (excuse the pun) and cost effective way to encourage a healthy and happy work team! Just give me a shout for some more information on this.

Finally, know that every little helps. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make every fitness class you’d like to. Whether it be desk stretches or getting off the bus a stop early to walk more, or taking the stairs rather than the escalator, every bit helps.

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