10 ways to fall in love with fitness long term & how Barre ticks every box

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

How we feel about fitness can change as frequently as day to day. An ever-evolving relationship that rides the waves of motivation and tends to dip when we're feeling a little lacklustre! Women's Health Digital Fitness Writer, Morgan Fargo recently wrote a piece for the magazine highlighting 10 ways we can fall in love with fitness long term and although I'm naturally totally biased, Barre ticks every single one.

Although the days seem to be getting a little longer, it's still an uphill struggle not to hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off and it's dark outside. We need to build a genuine connection with exercise if we're going to stick at it on days that your motivation pot is running low! In a 2016 study published in Frontiers In Psychology, researchers identified positive emotions like fun and enjoyment as being key to maintaining exercise motivation and sticking to a fitness routine long term.

Here's an overview of 10 ways you can fall in love with fitness and a few notes from me on how The Barre Coach online membership aligns with each one.

1. Stay open to being a student

Trying out a new class can take us a little out of our comfort zones but it's important to allow ourselves the time and space to be beginners and find our feet with it. Being inquisitive and wanting to learn more puts you in a really good place for gaining a deeper understanding of the right form and alignment so that you're able to work out in a really safe and effective way. Progressing with your fitness will give you a better knowledge of your body and will help you discover where your strengths and potential imbalances are.

Correct form and alignment are so important and a really key part of our Barre classes. You'll come away with lots of knowledge on the right posture for an efficient movement that will be really useful for when you're in and out of class and help you stay injury-free!

2. Keep it simple

We want to reduce the barriers to exercise as much as possible so keeping it simple will make exercise as convenient for you as possible. Using a handful of pieces of equipment or purely bodyweight keep our online Barre classes as accessible as possible.

Keeping sessions efficient, clear and contained (in time, space and equipment) stops them from feeling overwhelming and never-ending!

3. Set a goal

Our month-long challenges have been great for helping The Barre Coach members stay really consistent with their classes. The 4-week challenges are broken down into weekly parts making the overall goal feel much more achievable. We have a members WhatsApp group where everyone shares which classes they're loving and it's the perfect motivation to get you back into the classes if you lose your mojo now and again!

4. Commit to a regular routine

Home workouts can require a lot of motivation, especially if it's not a live workout that starts at a scheduled time. The Barre Coach membership is made up of live classes (currently 8 per week) as well as a full video library, home to over 200 workouts that you can explore on days that the live class timetable doesn't quite work for you. Our classes range from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes so you'll be able to find a perfect workout for you, no matter how little time you have spare in the day!

5. Seek joy, not reps

Find a form of exercise you actually enjoy. Sounds obvious, and yet, how many times have you put yourself through a workout that felt like a punishment? Keep trying until you find something you like. From a personal perspective, Barre was the only exercise that I found that distracted me enough not to clock watch (trust me, with everything else going on in the class, the last thing on your mind is checking the time!). Couple that with seeing some great results from it and I knew I was onto a winner. Fast forward 3 years and it prompted a total career change!

6. Lean into lazy days

Some days you just might not fancy it but it's good to try and push through that barrier, knowing you'll be riding on the endorphins high at the end. Other days you might need a bit of gentler movement or no movement at all! Try and explore the reason you're lacking a bit of motivation and shape your movement around it.

7. Find your tribe

Frontiers In Psychology found both social interaction and novelty are crucial components in making exercise stick. Part of the reason our members love the classes so much is the amazing team spirit you feel in the live sessions and in the WhatsApp group. Our community is built up of family and friends, friends of family, family of friends, friends of friends and the result is the feeling of one big extended family. Each class is totally unique to the last with brand new choreography and new challenges to keep you engaged and motivated.

8. Look for fun

Exercise won’t make you happy all the time but the secret to loving it most of the time is looking for ways to make it more enjoyable on the days when it feels anything but. Get those songs to sing in the shower playlist on, grab your favourite pair of leggings and shimmy yourself into the living room ready to get started.

9. If you're serious, invest

Investing in your own fitness regime doesn't need to cost the earth, but booking a few sessions with a PT, signing up for a fitness membership or investing in some equipment could be the thing that keeps you keen on the days when motivation is harder to come by. The Barre Coach membership gives you huge value for money at just £20 a month, making each class just 50p.

10. See it as self-care

How does exercise make you feel? Once your legs have stopped shaking, the endorphins are flowing and the sense of accomplishment is what will keep you coming back for more. You feel more energised, you're more productive and concentrate better and you're very likely to also sleep better that night.

So there we are! 10 commandments that can help you fall in love with fitness! If you've been convinced to give our classes a try then I'd love to invite you to try the free 7 day trial and join us for some live classes or catch up in your own time on demand. If you have any questions at all, just give me a shout.

You can find the full Women's Health article here.

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